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It shows that the universal hunger for meaning is still prevalent, even in our agnostic era, which is encouraging; but these true believers will eventually realize that the philosophy behind Star Wars is every bit as sophisticated as the science - in other words, mostly wrong and always silly.

It's one thing to put your faith in a religion founded by a real person who claimed divine revelation, but it's something else entirely to have, as the scripture of your religion, a storyline that you know was made up by a very nonprophetic human being. As a religion, the Force is just the sort of thing you'd expect a liberal-minded teenage kid to invent.

It might be badly written, but it's their badly written movie.

Some fans are so loyal they have even adopted "Jedi" as their official religion on census reports and The Force as their equivalent of a "personal savior."In a way, this is kind of bittersweet.

They began laughing out loud just before the line was said, and applauded at the wretched "emotional" moments in the movie.

Many had obviously memorized all the howlingly bad lines.

Other than the sequel news, most interesting is Card has to say about the film adaptation of his classic 1985 young adult series — that it was never meant to be made into a movie.

An excerpt from Wired: As it’s written, is unadaptable. If you don’t know what Ender is thinking, he’s just an incredibly violent little kid and not terribly interesting.

He now says critics of that essay "ignore the context" of its publication in a Mormon magazine.But he is also one of US literature’s most notorious opponents of gay rights.This fact, not unpredictably, has come to weigh heavily on the producers and actors involved in Ender’s Game. Card used to sit on the board of the National Organization for Marriage, which campaigns against same-sex union in the US, but his opposition to homosexuality does not seem a wholly political issue.But if you hadn’t read the book, then you would have no idea what all the fuss was about. The book doesn't only take place primarily in Ender's head, but from other character's perspectives as well.I finally wrote a script that worked for people who had never read the book, and it was a buddy-movie approach—bringing the character of Bean, Ender’s friend and sidekick, to the front and making him a foil, somebody Ender can talk to as an equal. The Lionsgate Summit film cost 0 million to make and is expected to make around million opening weekend.

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