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An authentication bypass attack targets files that are in use by the protected application.

The attacker looks to the unprotected files for information about the system and formulates a strategy to bypass the authentication system.

The 'root' cause Systems vulnerable to authentication bypass usually exhibit one of two problems: a failure to enumerate and enforce the access policy or a weak authentication system that allows a valid identity to be forged.

Examples of STS implementations are the STS engine in Share Point 2010/2013, ADFS, and third party applications build using the Windows Identity Framework.access request and, based on the user ID and access policy, either grants or denies access.An attack known as authentication bypass allows hackers to avoid such authenticity checks or, in some cases, the entire security subsystem.Now that we have set up Burpsuite and the configurations in our browser properly, we can intercept requests.Please note that whenever you send a request, it will be intercepted by Burpsuite and you will have to forward it manually.

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